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How do I reserve you for my date?

All dates are considered officially reserved once contract is signed and a retainer is received. I unfortunately can not book any sessions based on verbal commitment.

What time of day do you shoot?

I like to use the suns to my advantage and capture its best lighting. I prefer to shoot sessions around 10am or 3pm during the spring or summer and around 10am or 2pm during the fall or winter. This is to ensure the lighting will allow you to keep your eyes open and not squint, or have crazy shadows on your face.

What is your payment process?

Portraits sessions require a non-refundable 50% retainer to book {mini sessions are due in full at booking} and the remaining 50% balance is due the week before your session. Additional prints and products can be purchased a’la carte during the 4 week proofing process through your gallery.

What are your travel fees?

I service Tangipahoa Parish areas. Anything outside of Tangi will result in a $35-$50 travel fee. This will be due with your 2nd payment.

What should we wear?

You should wear whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful, but most of all comfortable! Try to avoid clothing with distracting logos, or prints that will go out of style. Solid colors are best. Any accessories, earrings, necklace, hats, scarves, props, make sure it complements your outfit. Families don't always have to "match" each other to a T. Try the same color but on different pieces. Check out my galleries if you need help deciding or simply stalk Pinterest! When push comes to shove...ask me!

Can I bring props and stuff?

Absolutely!!! I want you to bring anything that is meaningful to you or that you just feel you need to have to make your session perfect! I love using YOUR props to make your session unique and special.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

It is quite alright if you need to reschedule! It happens quite often. I totally understand that kids get sick, husbands whine a lot, cars breakdown, or life just happens. These are some reasons why I require a non-refundable retainer. Please let me know ASAP if you must cancel/reschedule or you will lose your retainer. It is written in the contract that if you need to cancel and reschedule, you will have 6 months to do so. If the weather decides that it just does not want you to take pictures, then that’s a different story.

What happens if the weather causes us to reschedule?

Sometimes it is just not meant to be. As much as I would love to shoot in the rain, I am sure you do not want a wet head in your portraits. So if the weather just does not want to cooperate with us, we will reschedule to a later date that is convenient for us both. {If it is an overcast, that actually makes great lighting for photos so don't reschedule for that...If it is cold or hot weather, that is also not a reason to reschedule...It's Louisiana!} I will keep a constant eye on the weather and make a determination with you a day or two before...unless the weather is sneaky and sneaks up on us!

What if I am late for my session?

Your time starts at the contracted start time, however, a few minutes late is ok. If you are late, we will just simply start when you get there, but we will end at your contracted end time. I could possibly have someone after you that I need to get to. I can't be late for them. However, if I am late to your session, I will extend your session by the same amount of time. I am usually not late {unless I am lost}. I want to scope out my location a little before your session starts!

How long does it take to receive my images?

Typically every session is different. Depending on how many photos I take on your shoot, it may take me approximately 2 weeks to edit and deliver your gallery. I try to get them done sooner if I can.

Do you deliver every single image you shoot?

That answer is NO. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, unfocused shots, shots that may have unflattering expressions, and other images that may have certain flaws. I always take a lot of shots when dealing with low apertures and sometimes the lighting isn’t great so I take many test shots. I only deliver images that I’m proud to put my name on.

Do you edit all of the images you keep?

Yes I do. Every image I deliver is edited with my style that you see on my website. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, sharpening, fixing minor skin flaws, and other corrections. Extensive/Custom Retouching such as removing a person from an image, compositing several images together, or completing a major change to the image is billed on a per hour basis.

How many pictures do I get?

That typically depends on the session. A 30 minute session will get you about 10+ images. A one hour session will get you around 25+ images. A two hour session will get you about 40+ images.

How are my images delivered?

All digital files/proofs are delivered in a private online, password protected gallery where all of your friends and family can view. It also has a shopping cart that allows you and your family and friends to order digital images and/or professional prints. This way if Aunt Jessie lives out of state, you can simply provide her with a link to be able to see all of the images. You will be able to download them directly onto your desktop computer or phone. I suggest making a backup copy right away.

How long will my gallery be active?

Your gallery will be active for 4 weeks after that it will expire. You may purchase digital images or prints from your gallery up until it is expired. If you need more time I can reactivate it for $25.

What rights will we have to our digital images?

You will be given a print release to print the images whenever you want in the quantity that you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of JColona Photography. You also may not alter the images in any way (cropping, editing, etc).
You are free to use any lab of your choice, but I do recommend my sister lab (mpix.com) of my professional lab where I print all of my professional images. I am not responsible for quality of prints if they are purchased thru another lab as I can not control the color outputs, etc.

What if I lose my images?

I can reactivate your gallery within 6 months of your session for a $25 activation fee. If it has been longer than 6 months there is a $50 replacement charge for an additional gallery after the event has expired and has been archived. {Archived meaning it is no longer on my computer and I have completely stored it on an external hard drive} I strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it either on a disk or usb or maybe even a cloud type service.

How long do I have to order prints?

You may purchase prints or products from your gallery at a discounted price for the first 7 days. After the 7 days prints will be regular price until the gallery is expired in 4 weeks.

What size can we print our photos up to with full resolution download?

In most cases, you can print your photos up to a 20×30 size without quality loss. If you want to print larger than a 20×30, additional post-production will be required. Just ask!

Why are my prints not cropped correctly?

When ordering from another website {such as mpix.com or other non-professional lab}, YOU must make sure the cropping is correct before you place your order or else the website will automatically crop it for you. This results in cropped off heads or other odd crops.
When ordering from MY website gallery print store, there will be a 2 day delay on all orders. This way I can view what you want to purchase and make sure it is cropped correctly before your order is finalized and placed. This is just another perk of ordering online within your gallery.

How do I receive my prints that I purchase through my gallery?

When you purchase prints from your gallery, during checkout, you will enter your address and payment information. Your prints will then arrive at your home...directly from the lab straight to you!

What lab do you use for printing?

When you order prints from your gallery, your prints are printed from Millers Pro Lab.
When you download your images and want to send them somewhere to be printed, I always recommend printing at www.mpix.com. MPIX is a sister lab of Millers Pro Lab. They have great quality and great prices.

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