I did it ... I have my very first Senior Spokesmodel Team!!! {Insert round of applause here}


I have always loved photographing seniors ... it's kind of my jam. {Just please don’t put me in a classroom with them … I will stay in 2nd grade!} Since all of this crazy Covid quarantine stuff, I have had plenty of time to research senior photography, teams, and all things seniors. {Remember...I am a full time teacher currently on break} I have always wanted to have a senior rep program but never had the time to prepare and create everything that goes into it ...... until NOW!!!


I have worked my booty off on this break and have created everything I need for my team and guess what?! I finally did it! You heard me...that's right...I did it!


I have a great group of 5 girls from several schools. I had several girls and boys apply to be a part of my program, and once all applications were submitted, I chose my team. I wanted my team to be small this first year so that I could make sure I could give them a great experience and make their senior year even more amazing than it will already be.


Being a JCP Spokesmodel comes with many perks … it also has some requirements. As a spokesmodel, you will receive 6 total sessions … 4 mini sessions, a full team session, and your regular senior session! Can you imagine the amount of pictures you will get? Not to mention all the fun you will have! As a spokesmodel, you are the face of JColona Photography and your job is to refer your senior friends to me for some amazing pictures! I scratch your back … you scratch mine … right? 


These beautiful girls on my team are ready to do just that … and so am I!

So without further adieu … The members of the very first JCP Senior Spokesmodel Team are … in no particular order…




Gabby W.

Lainey W.

Emily P.

Jade J.

Cheyanne K.


Congratulations girls!!! I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you!!!