Ok...We did it!

We took our family portraits! Can I get an Amen?!

There is this saying...not really sure it's a saying...but I have heard that a mechanic's stuff is always broke down, a lawn cutter's lawn is not always cut, a carpenter's house/carport/etc is never complete...Do you know what I am trying to say? Well, it's true for me as well...a photographer's pictures are rarely ever taken! Family, headshot, etc.

Well I did it...we did it! It's DONE!!!

I took headshots this year for a magazine that published one of my senior images AND I managed to take family portraits of my family.

How many of you have had your portraits taken? Family portraits, children's portraits, whatever portraits? Do it now! Do it for your kids who will pass your picture down to their children. Pictures are not for you. They are for your children and their children and their children...you get the point.

Quit waiting to loose weight, quit waiting to get rid of that double chin, just QUIT WAITING!

Be *IN* photos and truly exist. Get out from behind the camera and grab someone for a pic in front of the camera!

This is US! Ain't we cute?!

I am not hiding...I promise! I'm just not a fan of pictures unless I am behind the camera taking them! But...this year...I practiced what I preached!