Being a spokesmodel for JColona Photography means you have the opportunity to represent the face of JColona Seniors! Spokesmodels receive countless perks including a complimentary mini session before your senior session with digital images to share online with friends, participation in a fully styled shoot, senior session, print bonuses, group activities, and more! I am so excited to kick-start my very first year of my senior spokesmodel program and I cannot wait to work with an amazing group of 2021 seniors! Before applying, please read the following carefully.

Chosen Spokesmodels are required to:

o  Attend mandatory meet & greet w/Ice Breaker Team Mini Session & orientation event: tentatively scheduled for July 19, 2020 @5:00pm

o  Participate in mandatory Introduction Styled Team Mini Session: TBA

o  Participate in mandatory End of Senior Year Team Mini Session: TBA

o  Use JColona Photography as sole photographer during their senior year

o  Post on social media at least 2-3 times a month about JColona photography

{you can post more if you love me 😊 à more posts=more referrals=more discounts}

o  Refer at least 1 and up to 5, or more, seniors my way! They get $25 off of their session when they book!

o  Book your senior session with Jennifer Colona for a total of $300 due at orientation

{this is the only payment associated with the spokesmodel program}

o  Notify your parents of this application!!! Your parent will be contacted first if you are chosen as a spokesmodel, so please make sure they are aware that you are applying! Parental involvement is a must!

o  Senior & parent must represent JColona Photography in a positive way on all media.

This includes bullying. insults, & being mean in any kind of way to peers.

Chosen Spokesmodels receive these Perks:

o  Free JColona Photography T-Shirt

o  Mandatory Free Ice Breaker Team Mini Session at Meet & Greet

o  Optional Styling Meeting @Jolie Girl Boutique for official group intro shoot {parents are responsible for payment if you choose this option}

o  Mandatory Free Introduction Styled Team Mini Session {Jolie Girl or other clothing}

o  Optional Free Fall Team Mini Session {around Thanksgiving or Christmas}

o  Optional Free Spring Team Mini Session {around Easter}

o  Mandatory Free End of Senior Year Team Mini Session

o  Phone App to share all images from sessions

o  Every referral gives you 10% off of prints! {up to 50% off=5 referrals}

o  Every booked referral gets $25 off of their regular senior session!

o  Discounted Homecoming and Prom Sessions {25% off regular price}

If you are interested in joining the team, please fill out the form on my website!

The application deadline is July 11, 2020 @NOON.

Spokesmodels will be chosen and announced on July 12, 2020.

Click HERE to apply today!!!