Who Am I?!

I photograph people who don’t take life too serious and love to laugh…a lot!!! I also teach children…like at a real school and all!!! But my biggest challenge and best job ever is being a mom to 2 beautiful girls!!! It’s also the most tiring!


I fell in love with photography when I got married. My wedding photographer was a teacher who went full-time photographer and I absolutely loved her story. For the longest I wanted to quit everything and be a full-time photographer too. I photographed everything and anyone I could…all the time! However, life happens. I started my photography journey when my first daughter was born in 2005. I got a camera, got some props, took some classes, and started in my 2 bedroom house. It was a disaster…lol!!! However, over time I grew a deeper love for photographing people and learned as much as I could from classes, photographers, and research. Now I am a portrait photographer who specializes in seniors, families, children, maternity, and dance.


I became a teacher in 2012 after my second daughter was born. Why? I wanted to spend more time with my children and be with them when we were off of school. I also love children! Kids just love me too…maybe because I’m a big kid at heart! I tell everyone I have a “Toys-R-Us” motto…I don’t wanna grow up!


I have a wonderful husband, Donnie, who has put up with my craziness since 2003! I know right?! We kind of like each other…lol : ) We have two beautiful girls who keep us on our toes…a lot. Makayla is the oldest and has hit her teen years…please send prayers our way! But for real…so far it’s not that bad. She loves cheer and hanging with her friends. Oh and her phone is permanently attached to her hand! However, Taylor Brooke on the other hand…now we need some prayers to deal with her!!! She is definitely a wild child, free spirit, who loves to challenge us in every way possible. She hasn’t found her “need to do” yet. She has tried dance and tumbling, barrel racing {she loves horses}, she also tried softball and so far likes it too. Hopefully she stays with it. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us in the future.

Are we a GOOD fit?

If you like clean, vibrant, REAL images, and value authenticity over cheesy props…then I’m your gal! If you love great locations that are special, meaningful, and absolutely amazing and aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself…hit me up! If any of this sound like you then let’s hang out and create secret handshakes and make friendship bracelets…lol!

Why hire me?

I love unique locations that represent YOU & prefer authentic images over props.

Do you have a place you first met? The place you had your first kiss? A place you take your kids to play? A spot you have amazing memories of growing up? A place that “MEANS” something to you or your family? Let’s go THERE! I want you to be able to point to these images in 40-50 years and tell a story about them.

I love clean, bright, vibrant images with color!

Trends come and go but I think in 20 years, you’ll look back at those trends and think “that is sooooo 2000!” I can look at an image with a laser background or spot lighting and tell you that is soooo 90’s! I want my images to remain timeless for years to come. I want your kids and grandkids to laugh at your hair style or the dress you wore, not the way the images were edited or the crazy backdrops or props! haha!

I'm not afraid to laugh at myself or tell bad jokes! Ha!

I want clients that can do the same. I believe that if you show up to your shoot with a happy and positive attitude, your images are already 90% there! After I get done bossing you around, telling you how to pose, giving you multi-step directions and telling you lots of my bad jokes…you are going to be an expert in front of the camera in no time! Then it's off to being internet famous!

I love family! You+Me=Family.

Once you book me and we become friends, and make our friendship bracelets, it doesn't stop there! I will always have your back...or your front...or your side? What ever angle you need me to shoot, I'll be there, camera in hand. I will become a part of your family traditions and I can't wait to continue to capture your family portraits for years to come.

Things I LOVE!

Coffee...Coffee...COFFEE!!! Just gimme the coffee!!!

All things chocolate!!! Just please don't let it have nuts in it :( I hate nuts!

The color blue. Mainly light blue or turquoise...but just about all shades are good with me!

Any music...I love just about all genres of music. My friends say I should go on shazam.

I love country and rock!